A church is not a building. But, generally speaking, all other things being equal, a thriving church community needs facilities to meet in, to worship in, to have activities in, and to be a fixture in the community. At St. Mark, one of our primary missions is robust, reverent worship, a commitment to preaching the whole counsel of God, and weekly celebration and participation in the Eucharist of Christ’s Body and Blood.

For many years, St. Mark has shared and rented facilities of other churches, and we’ve been thankful to both those congregations and to our God for the provision of a place for our congregation, and the ecumenical spirit in which we can share facilities with other representations of the body of Christ.

But we’re also thankful for the clear work God is calling us at St. Mark to, and the way he’s been growing us and stirring us up. And it is time for us to have a facility to call our own. Finding the funds for this is not an easy task, but we trust the Lord to fill our cup to overflowing.

If you are moved to donate to this work, you may do so in a few different ways:

  • If you’re worshiping with us, you can drop a check off in the offering basket marked for the building fund at the front of our meeting location and put “building fund” in the memo. Or you can put bills in an envelope marked “building fund”
  • You can mail us a check, with “building fund” in the memo at 4012 Cadence Dr. Spring Hill, TN, 37174
  • Or if you’re not going to be in the area and can’t or do not wish to mail a check, you can donate online with the form below

If you decided to contribute, know that we are deeply appreciative of your contribution to the work God has called us to. May the Lord bless you!