An Interest in the Prosperity of the Church

February 16, 2016

For the sake of the house of the LORD our God, I will seek your prosperity – Psalm 122:9

“If the salvation of our brothers is regarded by us as an object of importance, if religion is with us a matter of heart-work, we ought, at the same time, as much as in us lies, to take an interest in the prosperity of the Church. Whence it follows, that such as are indifferent about her condition, are no less cruel than impious; for she is ‘the pillar and foundation of truth,’ the inevitable consequence of her destruction must be the extinction of true piety. If the body is destroyed, how can each of the members fail to be involved in destruction? Further, this passage teaches us, that the Church is not an empty title, but must be sought for where the true religion prevails.” – John Calvin