The second Fight. Laugh. Feast. conference held in Nashville is now in the rear-view mirror. It was a great time of meeting up with Christians, both old friends and new, and had a general sense of camaraderie in our common fight for the good of the Kingdom of Christ — which work we are called to. This camaraderie was apparent even in the midst of the differences of lifestyles and cultures represented in the attendees of the conference. And this is true diversity such as can be had in the freedom Christ gives us. A diversity that stirs us into love and good works as we seek to identify ourselves by the common thing that unites brothers and sisters in Christ: and that is our new life in Christ as we put off the old man and all its evil deeds.

The theme of the conference as well, is timely as we consider the sexual confusion of our day. The Politics of Sex is a relevant way of addressing the way in which our culture has infused rebellion against the created order into every aspect of modern western society. Mainline liberals would have us believe not only do we not need to address this issue, but that even to believe it is an issue, is unloving and unkind. But the truth is that we are to be salt and light in this evil world. We cannot affirm evil while being about what we are called to. May God grant us courage.