The Weekly Perspective

by TJ Draper, Deacon

While the world overturns definitions and gender roles, it’s good to remember that simply following the templates God has given can be very powerful tools in shaping the culture and carrying out God’s purposes.

Men, in a general sense, are designed to take leadership roles. Each man has different giftings to be sure, but men are designed to take dominion, to cultivate, to grow, to take what was shapeless and useless and shape it into something good and useful. Young men should prepare for this by taking on smaller ideals of the role. Men already in these roles and taking on more of these leader positions, should remember to lead as a servants. They should remember to lead joyfully, remember to be eager to listen and not wield an iron fist. They should not exasperate those under them.

Women, in general, have been designed to beautify and glorify, to be an aid in taking dominion. Like men, this will look different from woman to woman, but the principle applies. Young women should focus on the simple duties and daily tasks in their purview to help with and beautify. Woman already in this position should remember that they wield much influence in the life of their husbands, children, and those around them. They should beautify their domains with smiles and love.

As we seek to influence and shape culture, let us do so by working with the designs God gave. As we do, we will find joy designed exactly and specifically for us.