The Weekly Perspective

by TJ Draper, Deacon

We are living in a time when the way God made things to be is questioned and if you believe in the truth of the created order, you are labeled as an extremist. If a boy says, “I’m actually a girl,” or a girl says, “I’m a boy,” they can get supporting “medicine” and dangerous and life altering medical procedures to help support the delusion. And public schools are full of alphabet soup with non-sequitur pronouns galore.

As we navigate these times, it can be difficult to know how to raise our children, what information to give them and expose them to and when. There is no doubt this may look different from family to family. But regardless of any differences, one thing is certain: our children — the next generation of Christ’s church — need to be grounded firmly in the truth of the Word. They need, more than ever, to be brought faithfully to partake in covenant renewal through word and sacrament each week. They need to learn of and handle the truth so much that the lies in the world are easily identifiable as the absurdities they really are.

As we look and see the war raging all around, remember that what you do on the Lord’s Day in bringing your family to Christ, and what you do every day of every week in training and nurturing them, is one of the most effective means of warfare you have. And remember, Christ has already given you the victory! Praise be to Him!