The Weekly Perspective

by Burke Shade, Assistant Pastor

The Exodus text of Pastor Thacker’s sermon last week mentioned the Passover lamb, “and you shall not break any of its bones,” (cf Numbers 9:12). This is noteworthy because other sacrificial animals, such as the ascension and peace offerings, did have their bones either broken or cut up as part of the ritual. But not the Passover lamb or goat.

So when the Apostle mentions in John 19:36 that “…the scripture might be fulfilled: ‘Not one of his bones will be broken,’” John is letting the reader know Jesus is the Passover Lamb, quoting from Psalm 34:20 about the afflictions of the righteous. John identified Jesus as the Passover Lamb from Psalm 34, as we know from the Last Supper in the previous chapters: Jesus gives himself as food and drink.

The slam dunk, double witness is Paul’s testimony in 1 Cor 5 where Paul proclaims “…For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed.”

So why tell us no bones broken? For our comfort and assurance! First, we rejoice knowing that Jesus is the Lamb of God whose blood delivers his people from sin and Satan, just as the Passover lamb’s blood covered the people in their homes, and delivered them from slavery and Pharaoh. Each time you read about the Exodus, it’s about you, too, being delivered! It’s your down payment that got paid on the cross! But secondly, John notes that Jesus’ legs weren’t broken to put him to death, like for the other two (see John 19:31, 33, 36). Jesus certainly was murdered on the cross, for sure, but his life wasn’t taken. No, he gave up his life for us, as our Savior, as our Bridegroom (19:30). Jesus was the willing Passover Lamb of God that takes away the sin of his people. So rejoice when you eat the Supper, for Jesus loves you! He purposely gave himself for you, his bride!