The Weekly Perspective

by Joe Thacker, Pastor

Today’s celebration of All Saints’ Day should be one of great encouragement to the church as a whole, and to each and every one of us as Christians who constitute the body of Christ. In the Lord’s providence, through the wisdom of our forebears who developed the liturgical calendar, we have this day of celebration, this day of remembering those who have gone before us in the faith.

The purpose is not to in any way to glorify men or to exalt the “super-Christians” of the faith. Not in the least. Rather, at the heart of All Saints’ Day is the declaration and celebration of the unity of the Church, the unity that God’s saints have in Christ, saints of the past with saints of the present. As one pastor states, “All Saints’ is a time to remember all those who have lived before us and through whom God has worked.” As we find ourselves in the present moment, it is good for us to look to the past, to consider what God has done in and through His chosen people in bygone ages, especially during times of difficulty and conflict, in order that we might be further emboldened for the future that awaits us, whatever that might entail. To be continued…