This past week, as you must surely now be aware, an opinion draft leaked from the Supreme Court of these United States. The topic: The overturning of Roe v. Wade. Leaving aside questions about the integrity of the court and the trust of the clerks and aids who serve there (or even the Justices themselves?), we’ll focus instead on the response.

The internet practically exploded. On the right, shouts of joy, praise, jubilation. On the left, despair, anger, franticness, threats. And you’re a Google search away from seeing videos of Elizabeth Warren yelling and screaming, visible shaking with anger as she calls for insurrection to ensure the rights of women, as defined by her, remain secure. The accusation against those on the “right” on is that we’ve been plotting and scheming for years and slowly working against, “the will of the people” to put things in motion leading to this as if the murder of children has until now, never been a questionable “right.” Why yes, senator, we have been “plotting and scheming” to make the murder of babies illegal again.

And, make no mistake, this hasn’t happened yet. The leak was confirmed to be genuine, but it is a draft. The decision has not been handed down yet. Still, praise God, in His mercy, he might allow this to come to pass and we must pray to that end. And we need God’s mercy now more than ever.