As some amount of sanity begins to return in these “post-COVID” times, we are ready to resume Friar’s Forum. Since we’ve gained many fresh faces in our congregation over these last several months, an explanation of the event might be in order. Friar’s Forum was (and now will be again) a monthly meetup of men to enjoy food and drink and discuss anything and everything pertaining to the life God calls us to and the enjoyment of the bounty God has bestowed upon us. It also doesn’t have to be just the men of the St. Mark congregation, so invite a friend or two if you’d like. And in any event, we hope you’ll join us at 55 South in Brentwood on June 23 as we resume this monthly fellowship.

The next monthly hymn sing is also coming up next week and brings with it a new hymn of the month to add to our repertoire with a piece of music written in 1530 (words in 1632) called, “O Little Flock, Fear Not the Foe.” We will continue to sing and enjoy Psalm 148, of course. And as a hymn of the month, it was a great success. The writer of this newsletter has witnessed his children singing it randomly and at various times throughout the past month. When your children randomly sing the Psalms — the very word of God — well, you give thanks. We hope that’s been the case for you as well. One of the goals of the hymn of the month is to be a blessing to you. So let us sing and make music together!