The shooting at Uvalde elementary school is a tragedy. We grieve with those who grieve. We mourn with those who mourn. For many of us, it is almost impossible to contemplate what fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters of those who lost their lives are facing. As we try to understand this tragedy, one of the most important things we can do is pray for them and our nation in general. Many who are not of our persuasions nor believe in prayer will tell you that prayer is a futile, even undesired effort. But as those who believe the word of God, we have a very different picture. The Psalms give us language for our grief and uncertainty. Certainly, verses from Psalm 44:13-16 come to mind as the Psalmist dwells on the reproach of a people.

While our nation looks for answers in the aftermath of a shooting, the clamor for the limitation of weapons reaches a fever pitch. But few ask the questions about what formed and shaped the thinking of the one responsible for pulling the trigger. Few want to face the fact that as society becomes more and more unmoored from the moral framework provided by the creator for His creation, the more the uptick in such serious crimes. The real solution is not one they want to hear: repent and return to Christ! He is the only solution to these problems.