Fifteen years ago, in the spring of 2007, Pastor Rich Lusk presided over a Lord’s Day service, during which six charter families took vows and were received into membership of the newly formed St. Mark Reformed Church. In God’s providence, for various reasons having to do with jobs, moving to new areas, etc. we have one remaining family of those founders: The Goolsbys.

Of course, the Goolsbys are a great blessing to our congregation, and Abe has now been ordained as an Elder at St. Mark. And if you’ve spent any time around Abe, you know what a great blessing this also is to our congregation.

And from the vantage point of 15 years, it’s also now wonderful to see the hand of providence in placing us in the CREC; a denomination now poised to hold the course as many churches and denominations look to compromise. We have the privilege of helping to strengthen this community of churches as we stand fast in the faith together against the advances of worldliness.

It wasn’t long after the initial forming that Pastor Thacker received and accepted the call to ministry at St. Mark the same year. His commitment to liturgy, sacrament, and preaching has been a great blessing these 15 years. Praise be to God for his goodness!