The Weekly Perspective

by TJ Draper, Deacon

It is a privilege to receive into membership those God brings into our midst. Today, we receive the Pittman family, who have been attending both worship and many other events for a few months. And as we receive them today, Clementine and Hatcher will also be receiving the sign and seal of baptism in Christ our Lord. Many of you have no doubt been delighted by the cuteness and cheerfulness of these precious little children. And, while of course we called these little ones our brother and sister in the Lord before, now we recognize them as particular members of our body.

I’m sure you’ve often heard it at baptisms, but it always bears repeating this should remind us to look to our own baptism, remembering that this is not a work that we do, it is not a thing we say to God, it is a sign and seal that God gives to us. God speaks in the water, and he says, you are mine, for you I have died, for you I have risen again, that you may have eternal life. The Heidelberg Catechism 69 says: “How is it signified and sealed to you in Holy Baptism, that you have part in the one sacrifice of Christ on the cross? Thus: that Christ instituted this outward washing with water and joined therewith this promise: that I am washed with His blood and Spirit from the pollution of my soul, that is, from all my sins, as certainly as I am washed outwardly with water, whereby commonly the filthiness of the body is taken away.” Extend the right hand of fellowship to our brothers and sisters, newly covenanted with us for the furtherance of Christ’s cause, and the edification of our fellowship.