The Weekly Perspective

by Burke Shade, Assistant Pastor

The book of Lamentations is the book for Lent.

Not just for the people in Jeremiah’s day to reflect on their sins that landed them in famine, plague, destruction, and exile, but also for the church today. The church today, and individuals in the church, often place false hope and security in institutions that they believe will give them stability in hard times, rather than placing that trust in Jesus their savior.

Lamentations chapter four gives the reader false securities that God ripped out from under Judah to bring them to repentance: #1, Gold and precious stones, that represented the glory of the Temple and their priestly service (vs 1-2); #2, Stability and care of the family (3-4); #3, Trust in nobility and those with wealth and power (5-6); #4, Trust in holy men/ Nazarites (7-8); #5, Trust in abundance of food (9-10); #6, Trust in Fortress Zion (11-12); #7, Trust in the Religious Order (13-16); #8, Trust in nearby foreign powers to save (17-18); #9, Trust in their anointed King (19-20); #10, Trust in Brother Edom/Esau, their relative (21-22).

In whom do you trust? In what do you trust? In what do we as a church, a culture, a nation, trust?

If Lent is for introspection and self-examination, surely our sins of false trust and in false securities top the list. Trust in American military might, the American economy, the government social structure, the political system, the courts, the family, personal wealth and career, etc., is falsely placed. These all fall short as secure foundations. You cannot hide behind them against the Lord’s judgment.

Your trust must be in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. He alone is true security.