We recently reported on a situation of severely weather damaged homes for some of our brothers and sisters in Tanzania.

To keep you apprised, Eric Pyle recently forwarded some news to Brian McLain from Mara Presbyterian Church in Tanzania. This is the church we reported on back in May who had 3 members with homes significantly damaged by rain and winds. With the agreements of the elders, the deacons were able to disburse some of the St. Mark benevolence fund, sending the money to Eric, who coordinated the transfer of those funds into monetary value usable by the folks in Tanzania.

As a point of interest, we chose to disburse $500 USD. That converts to Tsh 11,593,44.02 (Tsh being a Tanzanian Shilling).

The report forwarded to us by Pastor Manumbu of Mara Presbyterian Church expressed great gratitude for the funds, which has enabled them to commence repair work on the damaged homes.

We praise the Lord for the work he’s doing there in Tanzania and for these faithful families and churches. As we have news to share we’ll continue to keep you updated.