The Weekly Perspective

by Burke Shade, Assistant Pastor

Pastor Meyers made the point two weeks ago in his sermon to the congregation that nowhere in the scriptures do we find that spirituality is a personal, separatistic, individualistic pursuit. He made the point that holiness is a corporate pursuit, even for the individual. Even hearing the word requires a public gathering, as somebody else is reading the bible to be heard by us or the congregation. Holiness is pursued in the midst of the congregation, as the rituals were all public: sacrifices, baptisms, readings, processions, feasts, paying of vows, etc. There were always others around, even if it was just Levites and priests assisting. This strikes our modern ears as “abnormal,” having been taught from a young age to pursue true spirituality by individually reading the bible, quiet times, getting away with God, praying in our closets, taking walks with God, listening to Him speak to us, etc. We discipline our bodies to remove the “flesh” component as much as possible so that we are in the Spirit as much as possible. In short order, that is Greek Gnosticism. The Scriptures instead teach we grow and mature in the corporate body; hence, all the public worshipping and feasting and singing. And that fits completely with God’s Trinitarian character, as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit spend eternity laughing, feasting, talking, serving, and fellowshipping together. Through our creation, they brought us into that corporate fellowship. As we spend time with other images of God, keeping all our eyes on the Fathers, Son, and Spirit, little wonder then that we reflect the Three to one another. That’s spirituality!