One of the challenges we face as Christians is faithfully balancing our calling to live at peace with all men while also discharging the other duties which God requires of us. There are times when those things come into conflict. This is true for pastor Tim Stephens who has been arrested for a second time and is likely facing massive fines and potential prison sentences. And what did this pastor do to warrant the wrath of the Calgary police? He gathered God’s people to worship on the Lord’s Day. What’s worse, the police say they were responding to many repeated calls from people in the area that the congregation Stephens pastors were meeting in violation of health restrictions. Make no mistake, this is an attack by godless scoffers on God’s people. While this type of persecution is, so far, mild by comparison to times past, we should nevertheless keep this congregation and Pastor Stephens and family in our prayers.

It’s interesting timing for the introduction by Pastor Thacker of our “Men of the Mark” ministry. The timeliness of this call, for men to stand forward and do their duty and be bold and wise men of courage as the Riders of the Mark (also known as the Rohirrim in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings) is plain. Pastor Thacker sent out a notification to the men and friends of St. Mark this past week and we hope it will offer encouraging resources for you in these challenging times. If you did not receive this first email and would like to receive it and future emails, please let Pastor Thacker know.