As announced last week, nominations for elder and deacon were received by the session. Jeff Kernodle and Randy Sadler accepted their nominations, were examined by the session and are heartily recommended to you for election to office. The election for these officers will be held on July 17.

The installation of additional officers is a needed step considering the growth with which the Lord has blessed us. As we grow, so does the officer workload.

To that end, Jeff is recommended as a ruling elder to come alongside Joe as minister, and Abe as a ruling elder, who constitute the session. Ruling elders differ from ministers of the word and sacraments, though their duties overlap when it comes to shepherding and oversight of the congregation.

Randy is recommended as deacon to come alongside Brian and TJ. Deacons act as assistants to the session, operating under their oversight. Deacons lead in service to the church, care of the poor, and encourage and engage in hospitality (among many other things).

In this past week’s email, Pastor Joe linked to the portion of our website that describes the various officer roles. We hope you’ll take a moment to prayerfully read through those in preparation to vote for these officers on the 17th of July.