The Weekly Perspective

by TJ Draper, Deacon

There was a time when the very idea of publicly talking about certain topics was frowned upon. The censorious nature of the television gatekeepers was such that to even use certain words (such as, say, the word “virgin”) would cause major controversy. How far we’ve come.

The topics of sexuality, transgenderism, and all the plusses belonging to the LGBTQ framework are not whispered behind closed doors anymore. This month, major (and minor) corporations are openly celebrating “pride.” The rainbow brigade is taking every opportunity to cram all their pet topics down everyone’s throats with a banner they purloined from us. It is now frowned on to not talk publicly about perversions that would have made most blush ~70 years ago. How did we get here?

The church, broadly, failed to speak to these issues, considering certain topics off-limits. Of course we admit to the caveat that some times and places are not for some topics. Nevertheless, an unwillingness of a more prudish Christian culture to discuss topics frankly has been a stepping stone to our current state. The Bible speaks frankly about sexual perversions, and the good and right use of our sexuality, and so should we. We must be willing to stand as a bulwark against the encroaching hordes at the gates. And that stand includes a willingness to address these topics as appropriate and needed.

If we are not willing to talk about these things, and point out God’s intentions for His creation, you can bet the enemy will step up. If you don’t have timely conversations with your children, the ungodly are eager fill the gap.

Now is the time for courage. We must pray that God would strengthen our resolve as we face of the onslaught. We must provide the scriptural lens for the culture, declaring the evil as evil, and the good as good.