One of the things that identifies God’s people is song. That’s because we are commanded to sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. The Bible details many times when God’s people sang. And of course, there’s God’s hymn book right in the middle of our Bibles.

Recently in episode 558 of The Theopolis Podcast titled, “Singing the Future,” Dr. Trevor Laurence expounded on the hope found in the psalms. If you ever wonder why we sing and chant so many Psalms, why every Wednesday during prayer, Pastor Joe reads from the Psalms, this episode is highly recommended. The Psalms shape our outlook on the world and show us the world as God made it to be — as it really is. They counteract the incorrect views we get by dwelling on our human perspective, or from the godless philosophies around us. Reading the psalms is like putting on glasses to correct the blurry vision we have. Suddenly we have eyes to see.

At the hymn and psalm sings hosted by the Drapers, and now the Mullenaxes, you’ll notice quite quite a few psalms here, too. While some hymns are selected to be more familiar, the psalms are also sung that we might bring more into focus the worldview God has for us in his song book. So as you sing the psalms, let it shape what you see and show you God’s world as it really is, and give Him the glory!