On Tuesday, July 19, 47 U.S. House Republicans joined their votes with all the House Democrats in voting for a bill titled, “Respect for Marriage Act.” The name is, as you might expect, something of a misnomer because it formally overturns the, “Defense of Marriage Act” of 1996 and requires the recognition of same-sex marriages deemed legal in the state in which they were preformed.

None of the aforementioned Republicans are from TN, so there are no action items for you on the voting front. There are, however, action items for you on the prayer front. Having been granted a victory in Roe v. Wade, it could be easy to become complacent in other areas. We must recognize that this codifying into human law of that which God abhors is also an important battle to wage. One does not have to be a theonomist to recognize that you cannot avoid legislating morality on some level. The question then becomes, who’s morality will man legislate? Mankind can legislate righteously or he can legislate unrighteously. Recognizing as marriage that which is not and which God in fact says is an abomination is very much the latter.

Continue to pray for moral victory in our country. Pray that God would strike down this bill and those who would put forth such evil. Pray that the hearts of our leaders would be inclined toward our good God!