The Weekly Perspective

by Burke Shade, Assistant Pastor

Jesus said “Let the little children come to me,” and he held them and blessed them. The mothers bringing the children thought that was important: that Jesus the man/Messiah/teacher, hold their children, pray over them and bless them bodily. Even little nursing infants! And Jesus agreed, sending the disciples off to the side for stopping the mothers. Should we learn something from this with regard to our passing the faith on to our children? As husbands and fathers, no doubt; our wives tend to be nurturers right out of the box. But men aren’t as attuned to following Jesus’ example, and so we need to work at it. What can we learn? Well, let the little children come to us! Children need to, actually want to, sit on daddy’s lap on the couch, at the dinner table, even during the sermon during worship. Dad’s should be careful to hold their kid’s hands during the day, while walking to the car or into the restaurant, sitting on the couch during family worship, or while praying before meals. How about reading stories to them before bed with them nestled around you? How about holding your little ones while they fall asleep on your lap, snuggling them, or lying next to them on the bed telling them stories as they drift off? Father’s should hug their daughters often to assure them that he cares for them and to give them male attention, which they surely desire as they get older. You want them getting that attention from dad and not inappropriately from some young man! Not to mention rassling with the boys from time to time! The point is, there are a million ways to give your children the blessing of love demonstrated bodily!