One of the difficult things about living in the information age is, paradoxically, the availability of information. We have in our pockets and at the ready at all times, news and information about events that either concern us not at all, or that we can have no impact on one way or the other. This provides consequences of both the positive and

negative variety.

One the one hand, we can get ourselves worked up into a frenzy about what’s happening with laws preventing one from walking their dog after 9:05 PM in Nowheresville, Anystate, USA. And make no mistake, with such a hypothetical law we would be within our rights to fight against it were it in our municipality where we had some say over it.

On the other hand, it connects us much more closely to those who have needs we can pray for across the world. And praying for and connecting with our brothers and sisters is a right and proper use of the technological wonders God enables us to afford.

One of the concerning things that instant and global news makes us aware of is that we can and should pray about for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan. As the U.S. withdraws from the area and a power vacuum is created, the Taliban has begun to swoop in and enforce their godless regime and evil plans in a manner which directly affects the church there. Pray that the church would thrive, that where necessary they would be bold for the Lord, and for mercy as they face the cruel and evil intentions and punishments of Islamic terrorists.