The Weekly Perspective

by TJ Draper, Deacon

As you will recall, my friend, Paul Vaughn had been scheduled for a hearing on January 10 following his arrest for his pro-life activities at an abortion clinic. As was perhaps expected, the date for the hearing was pushed. Less expected (by me, anyway) is that the hearing was pushed out by a year. The new date is January 16, 2024! So on the legal front, Paul and his family will wait in some sort of limbo for the next 12 months before it is known what reprisal there may be.

We may rightly lament the injustice and Paul’s right to a speedy trial that is not being particularly well observed, but in the providence of God, this may allow for some action in some other places. Paul was contacted by the House Judiciary Committee, asking about his availability for a phone call as they investigate the DOJ’s enforcement of the FACE act.

While Paul was actively looking to stay out of legal trouble, now that it is upon him, Paul has said, “not my will, but yours, Lord.” He asks that we pray for God’s leading and direction regarding this call and further proceedings with the House Committee.

And so, as we rightly celebrate the overturning of Roe v. Wade, let us continue to pray for the ongoing pro-life battle, and those who are on the front-lines. God has clearly provided the opportunity for Paul to testify for life, and he will surely provide for Paul and his family as they walk through this situation. And may glory be to God whatever the outcome!