The Weekly Perspective

by TJ Draper, Deacon

Doug Wilson recently posted about Ukraine winter needs (remember, winter lasts a while over there) in more detail than we can go into here. His post, Ukraine Winter Needs is recommended.

The long and short is there are needs our brothers and sisters have as they continue the work of the church in the midst of war. Needs such as power stations and winter fuel as well as sleeping bags for Mykolaiv church (CREC). Their faithfulness has been rewarded by God with significant growth. And in wartime in winter, that brings many needs, particularly with plentiful power outages. There are also needs regarding buildings and construction.

The best way to donate is through the ministry JEEP (Joint Eastern European Project). You can give online at

These faithful Christians in our denomination are going through a hellish experience on earth — and one we have a hard time fathoming when we’ve only known peacetime for many generations here. Thanks be to God that though our brothers and sisters may experience what we think of as hellish conditions now, they face an eternity of life with Christ. And while they are here, we as brothers and sisters from afar may offer what support we can. If the Lord so lays on your heart, consider giving to these dear Christians as they face difficult circumstances.