Hope Russia is one of the ministries we support at St. Mark and encourage you all to pray for and support as well. One way you can pray for for one of the Hope Russia seminary students, Victor Nedorezov.

He is the father of five children and a deacon of the church in Prokopyevsk, Siberia.

Victor contracted encephalitis through a tick bite. This has left him paralyzed on his left side, and he can hardly sit or hold up his head. But unfortunately, hospital care is not an option for him right now due to the fact that the hospitals are overwhelmed, so he’s at home.

But it’s difficult to be about the work he feels the Lord has called him to in this condition. The church in Prokopyevsk has been praying and fasting for Victor and his family and is asking that the brothers and sisters throughout the rest of the church lift him and his family up in their prayers too.

The most recent report is that this past Lord’s Day, Victor was able to attend church services — which is an answer to prayer. Continue to pray that complete healing might take place.