Pastor Uri Brito of Providence Church in Pensacola, Florida, recently released a new hymn tune with words by Charles Wesley which we are making the hymn of the month. Pastor Uri named this tune “Strawbridge” in honor of the late Gregg Strawbridge who Uri noted in a post introducing this tune was, “friend, pastor, musician, and scholar.” and that he missed his dear friend. It’s a moving tribute and one that caught our eye.

The music has a wonderful Celtic lilt and it is in a minor key which fits nicely the mood of the text. It puts us in mind of our suffering Savior and calls us to glory in His cross and to bear our burden joyfully. The 4th verse is particularly poignant, reminding us that we have been bought by Christ’s shed blood and we are sealed and confirmed as heirs of heaven.

And whether you consider yourself a good singer or not, remember, as verse 3 instructs us, that His power is shown in our weakness. So take heart today as we begin learning this wonderful hymn. God accepts your praise as you earnestly put in the effort.

As always, the practice tracks are available to members and friends in the members area of the website. May the Lord bless us all as we seek to hone our singing and bring our best before Him.