This past week severe flash flooding came to Waverly TN and the surrounding area of Humphreys County. People who track such things noted that the rainfall was measured at 17 inches in a 24 hour period. The result was devastating flooding. The death toll as of the writing of this newsletter stands at 22 and many still unaccounted for. The flooding came very fast and caught people unawares. Many were caught in their homes, where the lower levels flooded and they had to move to higher levels. Others still, in modular homes, actually floated away due to flooding where water had never been before. It was a truly devastating event and those who live in the area estimate that it will take many, many years to recover from this incident.

As our fairly near neighbor county, we invite you to pray for this community. Some in our congregation have friends in the area, and even historic familial ties. And while ties of friends and family aren’t necessary to pray for a place, it certainly makes it a more present need. Pray that God would comfort those who have lost loved ones, or property. And pray for mercy, that those still unaccounted for might be found. And pray for the rebuilding and healing of the community.