Today, a church that St. Mark has sponsored in the CREC (our denomination), Pilgrim Hill Reformed Fellowship, will officially receive members. This is indeed a joyous thing to celebrate as they continue to represent the body of Christ on the north side of Nashville. As is good and right on such occasions, they are celebrating with a psalm sing and feast after the service and have invited us to join them. We hope to see many of you there as we enjoy fellowship with these dear brothers and sisters.

We read in 1 Timothy 3 of a rightly ordered church being a good and Godly thing, and Pilgrim Hill continues to serve the Lord and His people faithfully in taking this next step.

As the foundations of the ungodly society around us crumble, and as more liberal churches push away from the faith handed down by our fathers and the apostles, we’re seeing more interest for conservative, bible believing, liturgical churches. When the sheep aren’t fed, they look for pastures with green grass. We’re praising God for the work he’s doing at Pilgrim Hill, for work such as Richard is doing to start a faithful church over in the Cookeville area, and for other inquiries we’ve fielded of people hungry for faithful churches. God is, as always, working among his people, and we’re exited to see it unfold!