The Weekly Perspective

by Burke Shade, Assistant Pastor

The Church’s life is one of hope because all of her activities express and nourish hope. The word gives hope, prayer nourishes hope, singing expresses and builds hope, and baptism certainly nourishes hope as we contemplate the union with Christ that we “hope” will be but the conduit to joyful eternal life, beginning in this sin-infected life. After all, Jesus didn’t do all those things that we hear recited in the prayer from the French baptism liturgy just to let the baby die in infamy! No, that Jesus claims that baby as his own, or the adult, gives us great joy and hope for their lives. And it should! All of the church’s activities in fact create hope because they are avenues of communication with God. This makes sense because the Trinity created mankind and made us in his image that we might enjoy fellowship and eternity with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We are adopted into his family, and all these churchly activities are but fellowship with God in his family. And that familial fellowship is one of hope because God himself is a God of hope. “In the communion of the Trinity, the Father anoints His Son with the eternal Spirit, in hope that the Son will re-bestow the Spirit on the Father. In Jesus, we are brought into that circulation of joy, glory, love, loyalty, and hope” (Leithart, God of Hope, 84) that exemplifies the divine life. Your hope burns and shines when you keep in close communion with the God who is hope. And how do you do that? By keeping the church and her communion life close to your heart!