As pressure continues to mount from both our government and employers to require people to put things in their bodies that they do not believe they should — in this case it’s vaccines — be praying for:

1) Those in our congregation whose livelihoods are either in question or directly threatened.

2) Those among our leaders who believe these authoritarian measures are good and proper: that God would change their hearts or strike down their evil intentions.

3) Those among our friends or colleagues who are cheering on the authoritarianism that God would change their hearts.

4) Much wisdom as we navigate these matters and that our Christian witness would be strong as we seek to love our neighbors, our families, our church, and so on.

5) Pastor Thacker as he serves on the CREC committee dealing with this issue as they seek to come up with a denomination-wide statement and response.

6). The peace of the church and our congregation.