This week, we’d like to ask for your prayers for 10 year old Susanna Ketchen, daughter of Nathan and Melissa Ketchen. Nathan was formerly the pastor of a CREC church in Colorado.

At age 7, Susanna started complaining of back pain — to the point that she could not sleep because of it. An MRI revealed a large tumor on her spinal cord and emergency surgery was preformed the morning after the MRI to remove the tumor. This was in October of 2017.

Unfortunately, they were unable to remove everything. Some small nodules remained. The Ketchens learned a year after the surgery that those nodules are still growing. Though she has been through radiation therapy (which was pretty rough and caused a lot of swelling which left her in bad shape), the tumor nodules continue to grow and they believe she’ll need another risky surgery soon.

Through careful research and a Doctor in Mexico they are comfortable with, they are currently preparing to try alternative treatments as they await the need for another surgery. The Ketchens are requesting the following specific prayers: that Susanna would be healed, that they would have no trouble getting passports renewed, that Susanna’s symptoms would not return before they get to Mexico, that they make the best decisions on Susanna’s behalf, and for comfort and trust. Please be in prayer for this family.