You may or may not have heard of the Twitter account “LibsOfTikTok” depending upon how “extremely online” you are or aren’t. This account, run by a previously anonymous person, would repost crazy and/or weird things liberals posted, often from the short video service TikTok (hence the name of the account). Of late, “LibsOfTikTok” has been shining a light on the liberal agenda of grooming young children by insisting on sexually explicit content in schools and other inappropriate venues.

This past week, Taylor Lorenz, “journalist” for The Washington Post, known for, among other things, her stance against “doxxing” (the publishing or private and identifying information with malicious intent), having been a victim herself, doxxed the owner of the “LibsOfTikTok” account, posting a whole lot of private and revealing information and slamming her as having a hateful agenda against LGBTQ+ people for, get this, simply reposting and amplifying their content. You see, it turns out, darkness does not like having a light shined upon it. They want to fully control the narrative and just how much of their wickedness they let out, and when and where. And you can tell a nerve was struck by how hard they lash out. Continue to pray for the exposition of wickedness in our culture.