Alongside of Sunday corporate worship and additional worship events of the Church calendar, St Mark Reformed Church seeks to enrich the body, impact the community, and participate in Christ’s mission to the world through a variety of ministries.

Bible Study

Sunday School Classes

Each Sunday morning at 9:45 AM, we gather to be taught and encouraged in the word by the elders and deacons in a more didactic fashion from topics that the leadership of St. Mark feels are timely and beneficial.

We also spend a little time at the conclusion of our class practicing and perfecting the singing and hymns and psalms so that we can sing our praise to the Lord with more skill. We hope you’ll join us! A children’s class is also available during this time.

Idealic Church

Parish Groups

Largely on the basis of geography, we meet monthly in small groups, where we share in prayer, singing, and fellowship.

Hymn sing mclains dec 2021

Psalm Singing

We love to sing and we love the church’s rich musical heritage, but we especially love the psalms and think singing them is absolutely vital. We gather (at least) once a month at a member’s home to eat, fellowship, and to sing the hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs passed down to the church throughout the ages.

Friars’ Forum

Along with men from various churches, and other friends we’ve made along the way, we gather monthly around a pub table to share our lives and grow together.

Other Ministries We Support

The Classical Academy of Franklin
Hope Russia
Peru Mission
Huguenot Heritage
One Church One Child
Tanzania Mission
Pregnancy Centers of Mid TN